Thursday, July 7, 2011

Al-Haj FAW Motors launches Heavy Duty Prime Mover - JUMBO

By J. Pereira
AL-Haj FAW Motors (Pvt) Ltd. launched its top of the line FAW, J5P-420HP (6x4) Heavy Duty Prime Mover, JUMBO. The launching ceremony was held at its Head Office located on the main National Highway at Zulfiqarabad in Karachi.

The ceremony was attended by large number of both commercial and institutional customers from all over Karachi. Al-Haj FAW Motors had imported 40 units of the FAW; J5P-420HP (6x4) Heavy Duty Prime Movers-JUMBO which was instantly sold to Haji Taj Muhammad Khan Afridi of RASCH (Private) Limited who are the largest fuel transportation contractors of Shell Pakistan Limited.

Shell International has globally standardized the FAW, J5P-420HP (6x4) Heavy Duty Prime Movers for its 48,000 liters long haulage carriers. FAW Prime Movers, Rigid Trucks and Dump Trucks have gained wide spread popularity in the commercial vehicle sector of Pakistan and their sales are increasing rapidly. During last four years the company has sold over one and a half thousand units, while last year the company achieved second position in overall sales of commercial vehicles in Pakistan market surpassing two of its major Japanese competitors.

Some of the large logistics and transport companies who have inducted FAW trucks into their fleet claim that the FAW trucks are economical in price as compared to their Japanese and Korean counterparts. The FAW trucks are more powerful than their competitors due to the most superior and world renowned "DEUTZ" engines of German technology being used in these trucks. Overloaded operation of FAW trucks have proven to be an over whelming success in the mountainous region of Pakistan having steep gradients.

The fuel consumption of FAW trucks is far superior as compared to its competitors of the same range. The drive line of the FAW trucks uses the world renowned EATON Clutches and Transmissions. The FAW, J5P-420HP (6x4) Heavy Duty Prime Mover-Jumbo uses a clutch size of 17 inches (430mm) in diameter and a transmission of 10 forward and 2 reverse speeds. The crawler gear Ratio alone is 13.89:1. The FAW, J5P-420HP (6x4) Heavy Duty Prime Mover uses the most powerful world renowned WABCO Full Air Brakes with ABS (Anti Lock Brake System). These are some of the features which have been appreciated by the operators of large logistic and transport companies who have today rated the FAW trucks as No. 1 in Pakistan.

-Published on page#-34 in June-2011 issue of MOBILE WORLD Magazine.